A new toilet section was added at the Museum of Modern art - Arken just south of Copenhagen. The section is connected to the old building with an interesting opening in the solid wall, which opens up to a beautiful simple yet characteristic toilet section with one handicap WC and two normal WCs. First you're welcomed by a 3m tall red wall in the entrance with concrete flooring and artificial daylight ceiling and wall. Walking around the red wall you are introduced to simple architecture with a unique lighting design accompanying the ceiling and wall. Using Ledline 60 trimless profiles cut to measure the light is from floor to ceiling and continous through the ceiling as one long light. This installation gives and interesting and unique experience walking from the entrance to the WCs. The system is Dali controlled.

Thanks to Ole Hagen architects EllisEllis delivered the unique fixtures used in this project.

Products : Ledline 60

Architect : Ole Hagen Arkitekter


Ledline is a profile fixture with integrated LED modules and is possible to cut to measure and connect for continous lines of light. You have the options of 25mm and 60mm width with 1000/2000 lumen per meter. 2700K or 3000K. Its also available with RGB. Colors: Matt black, matt white and anodized aluminum. Dimmable by PUSH, 1-10V and Dali.

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