DTU303 is one of the main auditoria buildings on the Lyngby campus area of the Danish Technical University. The building houses several Auditorias of different usage and interiors. All the auditorias are accessed from a main foyer stretching 60 meters long and 25 meters wide. The foyer is one large open room divided into zones that melts together. The zones are used for working, lounging, pathways etc. The zones are not directly visible to the eye but one significant and important detail is the lighting of each zone. As for the lighting the architect and lighting designer of the project wanted to have an overall simple and minimalistic design for the main light system with very high demands for the controlling of every environment of the zones. For this reason the innovative magnetic track system ONLINE was largely chosen for its minimalistic design and flexibility. Each track of 25 meters long seems like one continuous line to the eye but is actually divided into 3 zones. Using 6 different types of fixtures, it gives the overall system a unique flexibility to light the zones in a unique way controlled by DALI. Each fixture has its own job spanding from focused light to general diffused and wall washers. To make the foyer even more flexible the system is plug and play which allows you to take one fixture from one track and put it into any another track and it immediately connects to the DALI on the track and follows that program. Because of the high ceilings the fixtures needed to be very efficient and powerful to comply with the minimum requirements put forward from the lighting designer. Each fixture have an output of minimum 1300Lumen which made it 3-4 times for efficient than any competitor. The hole foyer consists of 9 times 25 meter long tracks and more than 200 fixtures in total.

Product : Online

Lighting designer : Lightscapes

Architect : Rørbæk & Møller Arkitekter

Interior Architects : Christensen & Co Arkitekter

Photos ©Lightscapes, fotograf Christina Hauschildt.


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